Oil Tanks EU: Oil Shore Tank Quantity Calculations

    Oil Tanks EU software can calculate the following:

    Shore tank quantities of up to 9 shore tanks:

  •  using CTL calculated either by the Table 54A (for Crude Oil or Gas Condensate), or by the Table 54B (for Refined Petroleum Products), or by the Table 54D (for Lube Oil);

  •  with the conversion of the test density at the test temperature of the shore tank sample using either the Table 53A (for Crude Oil or Gas Condensate), or the Table 53B (for Refined Petroleum Products), or the Table 53D (for Lube Oil) into the density at 15°C as per ASTM D1250-08(2013) and API MPMS 11.1;

  •  with Gross quantities for Crude Oil or Gas Condensate, or Refined Petroleum Products, or Special Liquids, or Lube Oil and Net quantities for Crude Oil or Gas Condensate;

  •  for shore tanks with or without a correction for a floating roof or a pontoon;

  •  with or without a correction for the thermal expansion or shrinkage of the tank shell for an insulated or not insulated upright cylindrical shore tank;

  •  with a correction for the thermal expansion or shrinkage of the measuring tape or without such correction in case of measurements by means of the tank radar;

  • The software can save the results of calculations in an Excel file.

    The data from this Excel file can be later downloaded into the software to restore input data either on your computer or onto another computer of your colleague with the same software.

    Thus you can later change selected options and to re-calculate results.

    Then you can re-save your calculations again.


    Package price is USD 200

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