Oil density: Oil density conversions

    Oil density software has the following main features:

    This software can carry out the following conversions:

  •  You can convert densities for Crude Oil, Petroleum Products or Lube Oils.

  •  You can convert either the observed density, or the relative density/60˚F, or observed API gravity at the observed temperature either in degrees Celsius or in degrees Fahrenheit

  • and you will get the following densities:

  •    the density at 15˚C using the Table 53A, B, or D

  •    the relative density at 60/60˚F using the Table 23A, B, or D.

  •    the API gravity at 60˚F calculated by the formula from the API MPMS, Chapter 11.5.

  •    the density at 20˚C using the Table 59A, B, or D

  •    the relative density at 20/4˚C dividing the density at 20˚C by the density of water at 4˚C (or at 39.2˚F) taken from the API MPMS 11.4.1. the Second edition, 2018.

  •    the density at the tank temperature

  • Such conversions can be done either with or without a hydrometer glass correction.

    The Table 53A, B, D, The table 59A, B, D and the Table 23A, B, D used for conversions are based on the calculation routines of the API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards Chapter 11—Physical Properties Data, Section 1—Temperature and Pressure Volume Correction Factors for Generalized Crude Oils, Refined Products, and Lubricating Oils, Adjunct to: ASTM D1250-04 and IP 200/04, May 2004.

    Interconversions between API gravity at 60°F, relative densities at 60/60°F and densities at 15°C and at 20°C are based on the formulas from the API MPMS, Chapter 11.5, Parts 1, 2 and 3, issued in 2009 and re-approved in 2013.


    Package price is USD 150